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Our ad 2015-0130 - Tu B'Shevat
posted 7 years ago by
Blizzard? What Blizzard? Tu B'Shevat (a.k.a."Chamisho Osor B'Shevat") is here. And if so, spring is around the corner. And that means End of Winter Sales, and it's time to "get organized" for Spring in conjunction with (shudder) Pesach preparations. Find them in Kehilla Pages - Lulu, Parc Avenue Shoes, & Yaffa Klein Personal Organizer! more »
Our ad 2014 1212 - Chanukah Specials!
posted 8 years ago by
Find out who has Chanukah Specials right here on Kehilla Pages !!! more »
Our ad 2014-1114 - Highlighting Cheques Plus
posted 8 years ago by
The Bank wanted an arm and a leg for cheques. Kehilla Pages connected me with Cheques Plus! I don't have to give up my arms or my legs... more »
Our ad 2014-1121 - Health & Personal Care
posted 8 years ago by
I threw out my back! Kehilla Pages connected me with a massage therapist. I'm back to the land of the living! And I found other Personal Care Specials too! more »
Our Ad 2014-1107 Highlighting Children's Clothing
posted 8 years ago by
I searched for "Clothing" and not only got more than 100 businesses, but they were neatly categorized - Ladies', Men's, Children, Accessories, Maternity, etc Only on Kehilla Pages! more »
Our Ad 2014-1031: Furniture Repair
posted 8 years ago by
Anything You Want, You've Got It! Even fixing Grandma's Couch! Find it in Kehilla Pages! more »
Product And Services
posted by
Do you have a certain product you would like to make known? How about a service you would like to tell us about? more »
Custom Work
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You can even get a Custom Page, which is a link to your KP Page!!This KP Page describes a certain product that you would want the public to know about!
Ad Types
posted by
Got news you want to share? Is your business having a sale you would like us to know about? How about giving your Business Presence that special look, with a Light Box? more »
Home Page Presence
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Get your business out there!! With a Frame Ad, Deal, or a News Blast on our Home Page, there is no way your business will be missed! more »

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